Published On: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2012

Transitional Government before the end of this month

WILLEMSTAD - Before the end of this month there should be a transitional government appointed. The negotiating parties Pueblo Soberano (PS), PAIS, PNP and independent member of parliament Glenn Sulvaran agreed on this. This transitional government must operate according to the principles of an “ assignment government”, as proposed by PS-leader Helmin Wiels a few weeks ago.

An “Assignment Government” means a cabinet which consists of experts who are not candidates of any political party during recent election. This government should get three to six months and will get a number of specific tasks and assignments to tackle Curacao’s financial and social problems. The intention is to replace this assignment government with a political one after it’s term has expired.

It is not known what effect this transitional government will have for the current members of the interim government, which since the end of September are in power. Members of the interim government, led by demissionary Prime Minister Stanley Betrian meanwhile, were nominated by a majority of twelve members of the previous parliament, which, through votes of no confidence,  had sent the previous government home.

These twelve members were members of the PAR, PNP and FOL fractions and the independent members Eugène Cleopa - now a member of PAIS - and Dean Rozier, who has said goodbye to politics. Each group had presented a candidate. This outcome was: Stanley Betrian and Stanley Bodok (Cleopa and Rozier), Cornelis 'Chucho' Smits (PNP), Jose Jardim (PAR) and Dominique Adriaens (FOL).

It is not known who will be appointed to take part of the “Assignment Cabinet”, nor how the division between the coalition parties will be. There is no decision on this as yet. However, there is talk of a possible task allocation. It is not known whether the same faces from the interim government will return, or that new members will join. However, it is expected that the whole complement, of (a part of) the existing interim cabinet will stay.

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