Published On: Mon, Jan 15th, 2018

Venezuela: “Last minute changes from the Netherlands has delayed the agreement”

Venezuela delegationORANJESTAD - According to a reporting from the Aruba new site NoticiaCla, it was because of the changes proposed by the Netherlands at the last minute, that the parties were not able to reach an agreement last Friday. The meeting lasted for more than six hours and there was still nothing.

The Venezuelan delegation indicated that they need to receive approval from their government first since they are not authorized to approve the last minute changes proposed by the Netherlands. This is the reason why they had to postpone the meeting pending the government in Venezuela. If they receive approval then they can sign the agreement.

According to NoticiaCla the reaction of the Netherlands did not reflect what the Venezuelan delegation stated. The Netherlands said that the meeting was very constructive and positive in which each party brought forth their concerns about the issue of smuggling. “Possible we can reach an agreement soon,” said the Netherlands. 

Photo: Venezuelan delegation during the meeting last Friday

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