Published On: Mon, Jan 5th, 2015

Video Francesco Corallo arrested in Italy, after they try to appoint him to Central Bank… coincidence?

Francesco Corallo InterpolIt’s a coincidence that less than a week after they tried to appoint Francesco Corallo to the Central Bank, he is arrested in Italy?

His bank accounts were frozen, and some of his holdings have been sold off or is in the process of being auctioned off.

Less than a month ago, the Italian authorities issued a new warrant, this time to search all of Corallo’s property, homes and business in St Maarten.

I was aware that Corallo had contributed heavily to both Gerrit Schotte and Theo Heyliger’s campaign, but if I recall correctly, the mainstream media only mentioned that they had tried to appoint Corallo’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to the post at the Central Bank.

Nowhere did I read locally that they had actually tried to appoint Francesco Corallo.

The documents were sent to me, and I uploaded them, it will be left up to the reader to decide for themselves.

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