Published On: Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014

Well known civil servant fired

RojerWILLEMSTAD – It is not usual for the government to fire a civil servant. Government employees are protected by the Ordinance Civil Servant’s rights (LMA). Basically for the Council of Ministers to fire a government employee there have to be strong reasons and evidences.

Recently, the government employee and popular radio commentator, Meendert ‘Menki’ Rojer, who worked at the Department of Human Resources at the Ministry of General Affairs was fired by the Council of Ministers. Rojer worked for the government of Curaçao for 27 years.

According to many, Rojer was fired for his remarks and comments on the political field. He said, during a radio program, that Prime Minister Asjes should apologize to the President of the Central Bank, Emsley Tromp. Asjes’ late leader, Helmin Wiels was always very critical of Tromp, but now the wife of the Prime Minister was recently hired by the Central Bank. According to Rojer, this means that Asjes should apologize. According to Rojer, Asjes said in a letter directed to him that he did not approve of his comments during the radio program. However, Rojer continued to make his views on politics known through the press.

In a press release, the government indicated that the process for dismissal of Rojer was in accordance with the LMA.

In the press release the government states that in this context, they wish to emphasize that the decision was based on advice which has been obtained. It was based on extensive documentation gathered. All the documents indicate that there was a poor performance in the workplace.

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