Published On: Thu, Aug 28th, 2014

Whiteman: “Government not the one to rescue Taams Clinic”

TaamsWILLEMSTAD – According to the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Ben Whiteman, the government does not have the space nor the way to rescue the Taams Clinic at this moment. It the past, they have tried to help the clinic, but things did not go the way it was supposed to.

“We should not forget that the clinic is a private institution and the management is the one who should guarantee the employee’s salaries and not the government,” Whiteman said.

The government cannot help at this moment because it doesn’t have the financial means to do so. If the government decides to help, this will only increase the deficit in the Basic Insurance funds.

The employees of the embattled clinic organized a march towards Fort Amsterdam to demand payment of their salaries. They also wanted to talk to the Minister about a possible solution for the clinic to secure their jobs.

The Minister explained that there were various reports made on the new hospital and other complimentary services associated withWhiteman this new facility. The last report indicated that the other clinics, such as Taams, will not be necessary once the new hospital starts its operations. According to the Minister, the management of the clinic was not pleased with the conclusions made in this report. The government could not sell this result to the people, because they are already accustomed to the Taams Clinic and the Advent Hospital. Now the government is thinking about the possibility of including these two clinics in the medical services offered by the new hospital. But this will only happen after the construction of this new facility in Otrabanda.

The management of the Taams Clinic indicated that they are not willing nor able to wait until the construction of the new hospital is finished. Minister Whiteman reiterates that the government will not be able to take over the clinic until the new hospital is finished and operating. This could mean that the clinic will have to be declared bankrupt.


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