Published On: Thu, Jan 3rd, 2013

Wiels: Major Challenges for new Government, but nothing is impossible

WILLEMSTAD – With the installation of a new Government of Curacao, some very interesting times are ahead of us in where those elected by the people will have to make some important decisions. These are interesting and imperative decisions for the future of this country. This is according to Helmin Wiels, leader of the largest party in the current Government coalition.

According to Wiels there are a few issues that required swift action. There are challenges that his country will face, e.g. economy, finance, education, health and more. All these must occur in six months. A firm foundation must be laid on some of these issues. Maybe it’s too much to expect that these issues can be resolved in six months, but if the foundation is laid then the political Government can continue working on them. The challenges are great but not impossible.

Referring to Aqualectra, Mr. Wiels explained that the way the company was managed during these last years was completely without vision. Everyone can be honest about that. This lack of vision has brought with it a crippled company which needs a lot of attention now. One of the major problems Aqualectra has is its tariff structure. No one can actually say how to get the tariffs on water and electricity. The components were never clear.

“There must be clarity and transparency in the way of dealing with this company. There must also be a plan in which we delineate where we want to take this company. We need an integral management and no ad hoc decision making. The consumers must also be educated on how to economize on water and energy; they need to control the usage of these utilities,” Wiels declared.

“Everyone agrees that we must invest in Aqualectra, but the one who is investing also wants to know how the money is being managed,” Wiels declared.

Wiels also spoke of free education. He pointed out that education is a fundamental right for everyone and therefore all obstacles must be removed so the children can receive education. It is not right that children can get certain level of education depending on the economic strength of their parents.

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