Published On: Thu, Sep 3rd, 2015

Wiels: “Now the war starts in Pueblo Soberano”

aubert-wiels-640x567WILLEMSTAD – Aubert Wiels, who is the brother of the former leader of the Pueblo Soberano party (PS), Helmin Wiels, will not interfere in the internal problems within the party. But he indicates that at the end of this problem, it will become clear, who the intellectual authors are of the murder of his brother in 2013. He foresees that after the press conference of former Prime Minister, Ivar Asjes, there will be more truths coming out.

According to Wiels, who is not a member of the PS party anymore, it was obvious that Asjes was going to be dismissed. In his opinion, the actual government is based on intrigue, threats and lies. Here Wiels referred to a letter left by his brother to indicate who will become Prime Minister and who will fill the other ministerial posts assigned to the party.

“A potpourri was made since the beginning to form a government and to assign the posts. But since the beginning, this government failed. Nobody trusts each other,” said Wiels.

Wiels also indicates that what happened last Monday, the dismissal of the Prime Minister, was just the beginning. “I know them well.” Wiels shows that he was with them in the party and he knows Asjes and he doesn’t expect the former Prime Minister to just accept what they have done to him.

“They have started a war, but I’m not going to interfere in their internal problems. Those that have started this must now face the consequences. There will be more truths coming out and at the end of this war we will finally know who the murderers are of my brother,” said Wiels.

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