Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

Wiels: “These accusations against me are politically motivated!”

Werner-Wiels-MDPTWILLEMSTAD - During a press conference, the former Chairman of the Multi-disciplinary Project Team (MDPT), Werner Wiels broke his silence about the current situation surrounding his person and the organization. MDPT was in charge of finding a new operator and also the modernization of the Isla refinery.

According to Wiels, these accusations are politically motivated and this is more like a witch hunt. The perception was given that Wiels did not cooperate by giving information about the project team to his successor. He was also accused to keeping crucial information behind. This, Wiels categorized as slander, lies and fabricated stories.

Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath was briefed about the state of affairs of the team at the request of Wiels. Former Prime Ministers Ben Whiteman, Hensley Koeiman and Gilmar Pisas have also been informed about the state of affairs.

Wiels also stated that KPMG had stored all digital information about the MDPT. Apart from that, there was a server with copies of all files at the MDPT, and all documents were handed over after his resignation. Wiels indicated that he had also handed over many files he had already given to the court. He also included recordings of presentations from him and the MDPT.

Wiels accused the media of not having the guts to correct errors in their reports about them. Wiels mentioned the sub-report from Government Accountants Bureau (SOAB) which stated that he had not given his cooperation to the investigation. “That report was only given to Rhuggenaath and was leaked to the media by people around him. It is not said that the Prime Minister leaked the report, but there was a leak,” said a visibly furious Wiels during his press conference.

“In SOAB’s final report, the statement that I did not cooperate was omitted but the media did not pick this up.” Wiels emphasized that contrary to the image that was given of him that he had misused 16.8 million guilders, there are annual reports made by Deloitte about the finances of the MDPT. “These are annual reports for 2014, 2015 and 2016 and that these reports were approved. They are real audit reports. This is in contrast to SOAB's so-called baseline measurement,” said Wiels.

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