Published On: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

Wiels wants to know who testified against her

Wiels and AsjesWILLEMSTAD - Marvelyne Wiels wants to know who has anonymously witnessed against her. She also wants to know from who the Ombudsman has received documents which are detrimental to the plenipotentiary minister.

On Thursday, the case of Wiels against the Ombudsman will be presented before the judge. The Ombudsman launched an investigation on her own initiative after the Minister Plenipotentiary has been discredited. Various documents and investigation done by reporters in the Netherlands and in Curaçao have shown that Wiels had lied on her resume and about her academic training.

She is supported by Prime Minister Asjes, who is politically responsible for the Minister Plenipotentiary. Various groups in the community have demanded her to resign, but she continues on that post in The Hague.

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