Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Yaël Plet presents his party with a fait accompli

yael-pletWILLEMSTAD - Today it will be definitely known who exactly will occupy the vacant positions in parliament after the ministers were sworn in on December 23. There are eight vacant positions, including that of Elsa Rozendal, who will take oath as Minister of Education, Science, and Culture. For the ruling party MAN, this has led to problems because of internal agreements made before the elections. Yaël Plet expressed his willingness to become a Member of Parliament to the Chairman of the Supreme Electoral Council (SEC), Raymond Römer.

Plet was number six on MAN’s electoral list, but internally the party agreed that the parliamentary seats would go to the candidates with the most personal votes. Plet received 134 personal votes while number 10 on the list Wimbert Hato received 226. The SEC, as is customary, approached Plet and he said yes. The same goes for party colleague Gassan Danawi, who has also been mentioned as the next President of Parliament.

The new MPs for PAR are Curtley Obispo and Stephen Walroud. For PNP it will be Henny Reinilia. For the other coalition partner Pueblo Soberano (PS) it will be Sherwin Leonora and Melvin Cijntje.

Photo (archive): Yael Plet

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