Published On: Wed, May 14th, 2014

Yves Cooper: “The people are questioning the Nation Bulding”

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD – According to the local reporter, Yves Cooper, who was dismissed and banned from the Council of Ministers, he received the following mail in his private inbox.

Unemployment is rising, DAE has closed its doors, Mees Pierson has left Curacao, UTS is eliminating 200 jobs and they are also separating from Telecuracao, which cannot afford the lucrative employment benefits offered by the telecommunication company. There is also unease at Aqualectra because they have canceled the collective employment agreement and wants to reduce the social benefits. The Minister of Government Services and Planning has a confrontation with the unions because he wants to reduce labor benefits for public employees. The government is delaying subsidy payment to the sports organization Sedreko. Crime has its grip on the society, while Wiels’ case is far from being solved. These are just a few to mention and the Prime Minister wants to start a process of Nation Building.

“Who is Asjes to dismiss anyone from the government building? He did it simply because he couldn’t handle the reality placed before him. If Yves Cooper had violated and rules of procedure, it should have been one of the security officer’s job to ask him to leave the meeting hall of the Council of Ministers. This is not Asjes’ property. The Building and Asjes’ salary are being paid by taxpayers. The building belongs to the people!”

“It’s interesting to see that the minute Pueblo Soberano has entered the government, the Prime Minister’s wife, Tara Asjes-Prince, has started to win the lottery everywhere (figuratively). First, they wanted to appoint her for a position in the marketing department at the Curacao Ports Authority (CPA) for a nonexistent job. But because of public protest, it was stopped. With Asjes as Prime Minister, she is being appointed to supervisory boards of various public companies. To crown it all, she will start working at the Central Bank, while the leader of her party (Pueblo Soberano) had major problems with the President of the Central Bank. According to Wiels, Tromp was involved in the John Deuss case, had a dubious transaction from a local bank, which parts of the money ended up in his bank account, lost a case against those who called him corrupt. The judge said that it was his own fault because he never responds to what is being said against him in the media.”

Asjes says that the Central Bank is an independent institute and that the government does not have much to say about it. But all this is like a smoke screen to cover the conflict of interest and a Prime Minister must avoid being involved in acts that can be seen as a conflict of interests. There are many legal councilors in the government. Why didn’t Asjes take his time to consult with these councilors? It would be very interesting to know what they think about all this.”

“Is this Nation Building?”

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