Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2012

Child labor in Suriname

WILLEMSTAD - Suriname should, as a newcomer, 'neatly' adorn the list of countries that do nothing against child labor. This was reported by The U.S. government believes sufficient evidence to add Suriname, along with South Sudan and Vietnam.

According to the Americans, children are put to work in gold mines, among others. In addition, they say that there is also child prostitution. Minister Michael Miskin of Labour Technological Development and Environment (ATM) is stunned.

He did not think that the reality is being portrayed. Recently, the gold fields in the interior were examined. These examinations included the verification that child labor occurs. "I have spoken to Labour Inspection (part of ATM), which together with the Gold Sector Planning Committee and the police went to those areas, and according to them, it was not what they found there," said Miskin to the “Ware Tijd”.

According to Miskin it is also "strange" that Suriname has been placed on the list. The minister will soon consult the minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Lackin. According to the report there are child laborers in the gold mines exposed to mercury poisoning and heat and are not equipped with the safety standards. Child labor is a little underexposed phenomenon in Suriname. Discussions are usually restricted to the very young fruit sellers on busy roads.

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