Published On: Tue, Oct 27th, 2015

Colombia, an export platform of Technology services for the Caribbean Market

Colombia continues to strengthen itself as an ideal destination for international investors and buyers due to its diversified offer in Software, Technological services and Digital Content.

colombian_flagColombia is the third country with most IT services sales in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico, with a total of US$ 2.5 billion. However, the country is the second, after Mexico, for services offered in Spanish. According to the quarterly sample of foreign trade in services of the National Statistics Department (DANE), exports of IT services grew by 18.9% over the past four years.

Procolombia, the Colombian government promotion agency has played a fundamental role promoting the country as a world-class exporter of Software and Technology services due to its portfolio diversity. The agency provides comprehensive support and expert advice through its international branch offices, granting access to services and means to facilitate the design and implementation of their international strategy. Some of these complementary services include attendance to industry tradeshows in Colombia, participation in business matchmaking forums securing relevant leads, and the elaboration of commercial agendas with top Colombian suppliers, among many others.

A solid economy, a privileged geographical location, a high connectivity, and a qualified and competitive workforce are some of the key factors that have enabled the country to position itself as a world-class IT producer. According to the World Competitiveness 2014 ranking of the Institute for Management Development (IMD), Colombia has the best-trained labor force in South America. In terms of high connectivity, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has increased Colombia´s connectivity expanding the submarine cables network, from 5 to 9 cables in 4 years, allowing a faster and stable data transmission with the Caribbean, Central and North America.

The new submarine cable AMX-1, installed on April of this year, has a length of 17,800 kilometers and connects Colombia with Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States. The new cable increased 50 times the current capacity of the country’s international connections, expanding the speed and security in data services. Also, the country has implemented award-winning programs such as the Vive Digital plan, allowing internet access to 1.078 municipalities and 8.8 million broadband connections in 4 years.

Due to Colombia’s strategic location, the country becomes an ideal site for companies to acquire services or to establish their operations. Colombia has 13 free trade agreements in force that allows the country access to more than 45 countries and 1.5 billion consumers. Colombia current opportunities for the Caribbean region exist in software development, IT services, and digital contents were you will find products such as mobile applications, websites, motion graphics, augmented reality and audiovisual services.

International appraisals and certifications such as the CMMI define the quality of Colombia’s companies. The certification that requires a process improvement training and appraisal program is a requisite for many companies and U.S. Government contracts. Currently, Colombia has 78 CMMI-certified companies rated from 1 to 5 (40 of them between level 3 and 5, and 11 at level 5). In addition, 66 companies are under preparation for future appraisal under the CMMI model which will account for a total of 127 CMMI certified companies.

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