Published On: Mon, Aug 27th, 2018

Commissioner Hubert Martis receives commercial vice-consul from China

China_BonaireKRALENDIJK - Recently, Commissioner Hubert Martis has received Mrs. Wang Q, commercial vice-consul of the Chinese Consulate, based in Curaçao. The purpose of the visit was a diplomatic courtesy visit and to explore the possibilities for investments on the island, where Bonaire and China can look for regional cooperation in trade, whereby it strengthen its position as part of the Netherlands within the framework of the existing relations between the Kingdom and China.

Several topics emerged during the conversation, including:

Energy production that results in high water and electricity costs.

Transport costs that result in high food costs.

A cargo and container port that can receive large ships and serve as a HUB for other islands in the Caribbean.

Investors in the Ferry project for a sea connection between the ABC islands.

In the context of the airport, investment in a fuel storage where the airport can serve as an aviation hub for commercial air transport to the continents.

Chinese entrepreneurs and investors on Bonaire operate bars, restaurants, snack bars, supermarkets and hotels. Over time, the Bonairean fellow citizens can also develop in various international areas where Bonaire can serve as a trading center for the transfer of merchandise to other countries in the Caribbean and Latin America together with Chinese partners. With this aim in mind, it has been agreed that Guandong TV will visit Bonaire for the production of television promotion.

Bonaire has the salt industry (at the Cargill) with the primary activity of exporting non-refined salt to the American and European mainland. The intention is that in future Chinese companies will be attracted to export salt to China and the Asian region. The economic policy of the Bonairean island administration and also of Commissioner Hubert Martis is aimed at attracting Chinese entrepreneurs in the region because of the great distance between the island and China, but also to try to participate in the economic missions that the Netherlands regularly carries out.

Source: Bonaire.Nu

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