Published On: Sat, Jul 26th, 2014

Don’t milk the cow to death, Haitian president warns politicians

Michell MartellyMIAMI - Haiti’s President Michel Martelly has warned a number of Haitian politicians, not to “milk the cow to death”, as he conveyed the message that trying to destabilize Haiti, while seeking ill political benefits, is unpatriotic and may eventually plunge the Caribbean country into a deep chaos, which could cause all parties to lose everything.

Martelly, who was speaking during the past weekend at a town hall meeting with members of the Haitian Diaspora in North Miami, called on those who say they love Haiti to act accordingly and to do their part in efforts to advance the cause of democracy, social justice and economic development for the country.

“We should all do our best to serve the interests of our country, Haiti. Those who destroyed the country when they were in power are the ones now who pretend to want to change it, while they keep trying to destabilize it and to destroy all opportunities to move the country forward,” Martelly told the Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN) on the sidelines of a community meeting at the North Miami Senior High on Saturday.

“Don’t milk the cow to death because all of us will lose, even those who are so greedy for ill political benefits from the chaos they are trying to install,” said Martelly.

“But they won’t succeed because we’ll have elections, we need to continue to have stability in order to continue to deliver for the Haitian people, and particularly the most vulnerable,” he told an HCNN reporter.

The Haitian leader blames those, who are trying to block elections and other projects and programs benefiting the population, for their lack of patriotism and spirit of abnegation in the benefit of the collectivity.

“Some people believe they should block Martelly by any means, But I would like to tell them that they are not blocking Martelly, they are trying to block children from getting access free education, they are trying to block economic growth, job creation…, they are blocking the country,” Martelly explained.

“And I believe their attitude is very unpatriotic and selfish,” he stated.

Martelly called on Haitians, from all political sectors, to come together to move forward the development agenda of the country.

“I understand that some political actors are trying to get the most they can, politically and personally, because of the weakness of our institutions that we are trying so strongly to strengthen,” he said.

“But we all have the obligation to preserve our institutions and our country, and that is why I say, please, don’t milk the cow to death,” Martelly insisted.

“Let us all act with moderation, with sense of responsibility. Let us reject all sentiments of extremism which can only get things worse,” added the Haitian leader calling for unity among all Haitians when it comes to defend the higher interests of the country.

The sentence “don’t milk the cow to death” evoked by Martelly was inspired from a Creole proverb, “pa tete bef la jiska s ke w touye l”, used when people try to take so much advantage from something, someone or a situation to the point that their greediness irreversibly destroys the very source of the benefit which they will continue to need to rely on in the future.

Martelly commended Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for his good performance at the head of the government and urged Haitians in Haiti and in the Diaspora to continue to trust and support the current government.

By Joseph Guyler Delva

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