Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Governor: Rebuilding Island can only be done with grace and love

holidayPHILIPSBURG - Governor of St. Maarten Eugene Holliday preached grace and love as the solution to rebuilding the island during his St. Maarten Day address at the annual religious service in Philipsburg on Saturday.

Holiday said that in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the urgency to join forces and unify resources with mutual respect and love is greater than any time in our recent history.

“I need not remind you of the condition of our island,” Holiday said. “St. Maarten Day therefore reminds us that we, like a good family, must always remain bonded, united to be strong and resilient in good and hard times. To do that, St. Maarten Day reminds us that we must, in the tradition of our forefathers, accept and respect each other with all our differences and similarities and join forces within as well as across our north/south border.”

Dignitaries from both sides of the island were present for the service in front of the Government Administration Building.

“We live in times when securing our jobs, rebuilding our homes, rebuilding our churches, rebuilding our businesses, rebuilding our economy – in short, rebuilding our island – should be our primary focus and concern.

“It is my primary concern. I shall, therefore, in keeping with my love for my island and people, never stop trying to help lift this country up, I shall never lose faith, I shall never lose hope in our ability to rebuild and rebound. And I call on you to do the same,” said the Governor in his address Saturday.

Holiday did not mention the current political turmoil, but stayed in line with promoting unity amongst everyone on the island.

“A St. Maarten that stands united in love and that is prepared to address the immense challenges we face, and in doing so realize the vision of Sint Maarten Day: to grow in unity, culturally, socially and economically.

“That, my fellow St. Maarteners, is our individual and shared responsibility to St. Maarten/Saint Martin, our home. At times like these it is important that we pause as a people and unite in our common cause: St. Maarten. And it is my hope that our love for St. Maarten will prevail over all else,” stated Governor Holiday.

He concluded his speech by saying, “Let us therefore use this St. Maarten Day to reset, to refocus and to be the best we can be for St. Maarten. It is with my undying faith in the strength and resilience of the people of St. Maarten/St. Martin that I hereby, on behalf of my wife Marie-Louise and myself, wish you a united, loving and safe St. Maarten Day.

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