Published On: Mon, May 18th, 2015

Growing list of countries that do not ask Colombians for visa

Colombian passportBOGOTA – There are now 36 destinations to which Colombians only need their passport for the journey.

With applause the Santanderean travel agency wholesalers received last Friday the news of the elimination of visas to Colombians wishing to travel to Dominican Republic

With this country there are already 36 destinations to which Colombians can travel with only a passport and airline tickets. The most recent decision was from this Caribbean country. The elimination of the Schengen visa to Europe is also expected soon.

These decisions go hand in hand with the need for these countries to maintain a dynamic economic relation with one of the sectors with the greatest job creation in the world, which is tourism. Colombia has also become a very attractive country to have relations with, due to the economic growth.

Only in Dominican Republic alone, according to the Central Bank, in 2014, 60.000 Colombian tourist were recorded, which represents an increase of 30% compared to the previous year. Today the country is the fifth largest source market of tourists to that country.

“Dominicans and Colombians maintain a very close relationship, because Colombia is one key market for tourism in that country and the cultures have many similarities,” said the director of the Office of Tourism of Dominican Republic in Colombia, Julio Cesar Mordán.

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