Published On: Sun, Oct 7th, 2012

Henrique Capriles Radonski also casts his vote

CARACAS - The presidential candidate of the Unity, Henrique Capriles, exercised his right to vote in the Colegio San Thomas de Villanova according to reports from La Patilla.

The candidate for president walked amidst a crowd, dressed in white and accompanied by his parents, went straight to table number 3 of his polling station to vote.

His first words were to greet the Venezuelan people. "Today I exercised my vote again. Something good is happening."

He congratulated the Venezuelan Electoral development of election day.

He called for patience to all those Venezuelans who are still in the queue to vote.

Later, during his remarks at the national and international press, he confessed that indeed " I had a few hours of sleep, because today is a historic day for the country."

He stressed that today Venezuelans have shown that things can be changed by the decision of the people. He said he was in God's hands. "He is the one who takes and gives". The candidate reminded us that not until everybody has voted, the voting centers cannot close.

He respectfully requested to get the results as soon as they are known.

He said that whatever the outcome he will recognize it. "What the people talk today, for me is sacred."

He added that after the results of the election, the first person he will call is the current President of the Republic.

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