Published On: Tue, Nov 5th, 2013

LPM exhorts Saint Lucians to get their politics right

CastriesStLuciaCASTRIES, St Lucia  – The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) says that the inefficiency of successive governments to deliver on promises to create sustainable jobs that are strategically important to eradicating poverty in the country is largely supported by the very same class of voters who are in dire need of a better way out of poverty.

This observation was made by Therold Prudent, leader of the LPM, who attributed this pattern of behaviour to the unprogressive nature of partisanship in Saint Lucia.

“When you are cultured to reject ideas that do not emanate from your party, and are further encouraged to adopt a hostile or antagonistic attitude towards individuals whom you perceive should not have a role in deciding how the country is governed, it is not very difficult to understand why elected officials are not motivated to push the country beyond its economic malaise and end the dependency syndrome that currently exists in Saint Lucia,” he said.

Prudent pointed to the deplorable state of politics in the country, which he said “not only has a direct impact on the quality of the government a nation receives, but is made even worse when voters are unable to distinguish between the ideologies of the existing parties, or to offer a reasonable justification as to why they are supporting one party over another.”

“In fact, as long as the basis for supporting a political organization hinges on traditional norms -- which include partisan loyalty and the acceptance of manufactured political hysteria, both of which are common in Saint Lucian politics, and excludes civil debates, which force all political parties to explain how their proposed ideas and policies will benefit the country -- it should be clear to all why Saint Lucia will never be able to produce the kind of government that is fortified by a detailed vision and a solution-driven strategy capable of transforming the lives of its people,” he explained.

This, according to Prudent, can only be achieved by an electorate that is independent in its thinking, unafraid of challenging its leaders, and willing to ascribe to the philosophy that Saint Lucia’s archaic system of politics (which promotes exclusion) should be replaced with a progressive agenda that encourages the active participation of all its citizens in the governance of the country.

The LPM leader concluded by admonishing the Saint Lucian electorate to place their country’s interest over the current political system, which continuously makes it possible for party bosses and their inner circles to emerge as the only winners at the end of every election cycle.

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