Published On: Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

Medellin shows the world how to celebrate Christmas season

CIMG1966MEDELLIN, Colombia – The holiday season is about light, it’s about energy and it’s about being together. The city of Medellin in Colombia offers all three during this season. Curaçao Chronicle was invited by ProColombia to witness this great tradition.

The city turned on its Christmas lights that they have been busy preparing since the beginning of the year.CIMG1962 This traditional event began this year on November 29 when the lights were turned on at the The public utility provider Empresas Publicas de Medellin or EPM for short. The EPM is the sponsoring company that puts up the Christmas lights in Medellin each year.

The Christmas lighting of Medellín began in 1955, when EPM consolidated as a public utility company. For the holiday season, part of the city was modestly adorned with special lights jointly contributed by EPM, the government, and the press.

By 1967, EPM assumed the role as the creative team for the city's lights each year, and therefore decided their design, installation and costs. Over time, these lighting systems were broadened in scope and becoming one of the biggest tourist attractions in Medellin in the year-end season.

CIMG1967The special part of this tradition is that all the lights and decorations are made by the people themselves, especially the mothers. The Festival becomes a source of income for many families in the city.

For the 2014 Christmas season, the city hanged over 30 million bulbs and almost 500 thousand miles of light hoses in 100 points. The city’s mayor, Anibal Gaviria, said that Medellin has more lights than ever before this Christmas and that he hopes to receive more than 4 million visitors-the total number of visitors last year

For the first time in its history, the city has invited locals to contribute to the magic.CIMG1975

Over 1,500 proposals have been sent to EPM from which the company selected a proposal focused on peace and reconciliation, a particularly important current theme because of ongoing government peace talks with rebel group FARC in Havana.

Medellin Christmas in numbers

  • More than 497,097 miles of light strips
  • More than 30 million light bulbs
  • 330 technicians
  • 11 tons of metallic paper of different colors
  • 170 tons of iron

CIMG1991One thing for certain is that the city of Medellin spares no expense when it comes to filling the city with Christmas lights and festive events every year. If you have ever wanted to visit the City of Eternal Spring, the month of December is an excellent choice as tourists and visitors come from around the globe to witness the sights and sounds of Christmas in Medellin, Colombia.CIMG1983

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