Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2012

New customs’ rules for private aircrafts and pleasure yachts

ORANJESTAD — As from October 1st new rules will be introduced for private aircrafts and pleasure yachts staying on Aruba for a short period. From that date a private aircraft or pleasure yacht must submit a written report for temporary import upon arrival. Customs announced this yesterday.

A temporary import document regards the private aircraft or pleasure yacht in question and serves as a guarantee or security for import duty and possibly other taxes. Temporary import documents must be drawn up in the name of persons owning or operating the private aircraft or pleasure yacht. The temporary import makes a distinction between private aircrafts or pleasure yachts staying on Aruba for 90 days or less, or staying longer than 90 days. For the first group, (90 days or less), a report for temporary import is made without security, while the report regarding the second group includes security. The security equals the amount on import duties. The fuel, lubricants and provision from a private aircraft or pleasure yacht are exempted from import duties in the case of temporary import. In this case customs assume that the fuel tanks have a normal capacity and are linked to the engine.

With a definite import, the payment of import duties occurs in accordance with the prevailing stipulations for importing goods. Also incoming aircrafts or pleasure yachts with the intention to be sold here, don’t qualify for temporary import. Moreover, these new guidelines don’t apply to residents of Aruba. They are simply to pay import duties and with every entry from abroad prove to customs that these import duties are already paid. Those wishing to establish themselves on Aruba have the possibility to import the aircraft or pleasure yacht as moving property, therefore duty-free, but only if the pleasure yacht complies with the conditions stipulated in the Exemption Order.

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