Published On: Tue, Jun 16th, 2015

New media watch group launched with focus on the Caribbean

gobrave_logoNEW YORK, USA -- A new media watch group has been launched, according to press release on Monday, with a particular focus on the Caribbean, prompted by personal attacks and insults by mainstream media in Trinidad and Tobago directed at one local freelance journalist Marcia Braveboy.

As this played out in part on social media, posters were encouraging her to "go brave", which resonated with New York-based media activist Brittany Battle, who decided, along with some industry colleagues, to launch a media watch group called GoBrave in solidarity with Braveboy and marginalized media workers everywhere, and to attempt to bring some sense of responsibility, integrity and ethics to Caribbean media in particular.

"Our mission is to promote accuracy, fairness and balance, especially in Caribbean regional news reporting. We will advocate greater diversity in the press and scrutinize media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints, and monitor, analyse and correct misinformation in the national media," explained Battle, who has a particular interest in and affection for the region.

According to Battle, GoBrave will expose corrupt media practices that promote a one-sided agenda whether political, social or commercial, especially biased reporting that manipulates facts and statements, and hold the media accountable for misreporting.

"We encourage the media, journalists, editors and publishers to report the news fairly and objectively without resorting to bias or partisanship. We believe that the public has a right to the facts, and that journalists should be exposed when they do not adhere to their professed ethical standards," she said.

As part of this project, Battle has registered the hashtag #GoBrave and everyone that wishes to support the objectives of the new group is encouraged to use it when posting on social media.

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