Published On: Sat, Aug 25th, 2012

PHU: Netherlands to take over one-third of debt

KRALENDIJK — The PHU suggests that if the Netherlands really want to help Bonaire it could take over two-thirds of the debt to the Rabobank and sell Ecopower for one-third of that debt to WEB N.V. In that case, the Dutch nation (16 million people) will absorb the blow, instead of 16 thousand Bonaireans. The payment could be spread over many years so that the Netherlands hardly notice this. The party from lawyer Michiel Bijkerk thinks this is a solution for the energy problems of Bonaire.

However, PHU stipulates that WEB is subjected to a complete overhaul, removed from the structure of BHM and placed under independent supervision, entirely separated from the government. “To do this effectively, WEB must be privatized but this time not to enrich the wealthy but to enrich the nation. Therefore, one-third of the shares remains with the government, one-third with the WEB-employees and one-third with the WEB-consumers”, the party wrote in a statement.

Ecopower is not profitable. That’s the actual issue behind the conflict between Ecopower and WEB, PHU concluded. Ecopower costs much more than expected. Moreover, the production of wind energy appeared to be considerably lower than calculated. These two factors and possibly others lead to a price rise instead of a reduction of the electricity, as promised by the UPB.

According to PHU, the announcement to increase the prices with 50 percent is a strategy to exaggerate, make everyone scared and subsequently boast they succeeded to limit the price rise to 10 percent for example. “Our political friends are really not adverse to such tricks”, said the PHU-leader. PHU doesn’t believe that eventually the price will not increase at all.

PHU is prepared to explain to the WEB-management and the union how to realize the plan without breaking into the savings fund of the employees. The employees may pay through their work instead of their savings. The shares from the WEB-consumers can be classified in an institute, managed by chosen representatives.

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