Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2013

Saint Lucia Government taken to task over claims of job creation

Castries Saint LuciaCASTRIES, St Lucia -- In response to the Prime Minister's assertion that his government has delivered on its electoral promise to create thousands of jobs on the island, the Lucian People's Movement (LPM) asserts that not only is this far from the truth but also that Dr. Anthony's statement may well have been cleverly designed to lower the expectations of the people of Saint Lucia on the prospects of job creation by his government.

This latest strategy by Dr. Anthony isn't new. It has been deployed by other governments that have realized that promises made to their people were grossly overstated and unattainable. Instead of admitting that the delivery mechanism of government is in serious jeopardy of failing, it gives the public the impression that it has delivered, when, in fact, what it is really hoping for is that the majority of Saint Lucian citizens, who have suffered economically for decades, will continue to embrace the status quo and the mediocre approaches to job creation.

Unless Saint Lucians come to the realization that our current system of governance is based on exclusion and that the only winners are those who were elected into office and their small, handpicked circle of friends who surround them, we will continue electing governments that mislead our nation on job creation and are defensive when challenged to prove that they have delivered on their promises.

The LPM insists that Saint Lucia can do better; however, it will take an electorate that is politically independent and mature enough to reject dubious manifestos that make bold job creation promises, but can't credibly explain how it intends to create those jobs prior to an election.

Noting the follies of past administrations in Saint Lucia, the LPM believes that the people of Saint Lucia would be better served if they demanded that all political organizations release their manifestos within five days of the dissolution of parliament.

Political parties are in the business of preparing to run the country one day. Therefore, there should be no reason why their manifestos can't be presented to the Saint Lucian people early enough for thorough scrutiny.

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