Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2012

St Lucia political party tells PM to stop meddling in China-Taiwan affairs

CASTRIES, St Lucia - The Lucian People's Movement (LPM) has called on Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony to stop wasting Saint Lucia's time by constantly meddling in the internal affairs of China and Taiwan.

The LPM said that it is a grave disservice to the island for a prime minister with no international influence or power to use part of his allotted time in an address to the United Nations, where he should be focused on making a solid case for a speedy recovery of Saint Lucia’s economy, instead to seek to present himself as an adjudicator for a Chinese takeover of Taiwan.

The LPM said that Anthony's naivety in believing that he is able to force unification of the government and people of Taiwan is a glaring example of a Caribbean leader who is clearly out of touch with the realities of that region and the world. To believe that Taiwan, a prosperous democratic state, with two distinct political organizations with millions of supporters on either side that hold very contrasting views about their future, will voluntarily cede their sovereignty to China is not only delusional but dangerous, at best.
"The current Nationalist government in Taiwan has taken a more conciliatory approach to ease tensions across the straits by opening itself up to greater economic trading and relaxation of travel restrictions between the two countries. However, such diplomatic moves should never be interpreted as an indicator of Taiwanese willingness to be absorbed by China. As with every true democracy, the tide of power will once again shift to the DPP. At that juncture, the DPP will have to decide whether their long-standing views for outright independence are still worthy of pursuing," the LPM said in a press statement.

"Until such time, Dr Anthony’s business should be to pursue policies that are serious and tangible to the interests of Saint Lucia. He should refrain from allowing himself to become bogged down in an international squabble in Asia that he does not seem to understand fully from a historical perspective. As the current prime minister of Saint Lucia, he should not spend his remaining years insulting the government and people of Taiwan, which by his own actions a few months ago were granted the privilege of retaining diplomatic relationship with Saint Lucia," the LPM concluded.

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