Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2013

The metal sticks from the past and the beatings from today

27F_Yhoy980x600bCARACAS – There are some images going around the world showing students being hit with the famous Venezuelan “peinilla”  (like a metal stick) used by law enforcements.

The repression of the government, nicknamed Caracazo, which is criticized by the "revolutionary" government every year, was seen yesterday in the live action against students whose only "crime" was being chained to demand peacefully to tell them the truth about the health of President Hugo Chavez, who disappeared from the scene since December 9, 2012 when he traveled to Cuba for his fourth cancer operation. compares the “Caracazo” and the beatings from yesterday with a picture from 1989 and from the events yesterday.

27F_Yhoy980x600In the black and white photos by Francisco "Frasso" Solorzano, taken during the events of February 27, 1989 shows how the National Guard used to quell demonstrations using a blunt saber-comb and hitting the protester causing a great burning on the affected area. On Tuesday, in the photos of Juan Barreto, (AFP), we see how the National Bolivarian Police (PNB) used steel batons, leaving minor skin tags but which are capable of damaging internal organs and fracture bones. Also yesterday, the GNP attacked with batons against students seated and shackled. A whole new way.

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