Published On: Mon, May 21st, 2018

US does not recognize Venezuela’s election results

Maduro-Venezuela-verkiezingen-AFPWASHINGTON - Even before the final result of the Venezuelan presidential election is known, the US has stated that it does not recognize the outcome. This is according to the Deputy Foreign Secretary John Sullivan.

The results indicated a re-election of the current head of state, Nicolás Maduro. But under Maduro, the oil-rich country has fallen prey to a huge shortage of goods and bad economic conditions.

The electoral committee decided at the last moment that the polling stations would remain open for a few hours longer. According to a spokeswoman, there were still long queues at some polling stations with people who still had to cast their vote. The opposition was fiercely against staying open longer. The opposition said that the action increases the chance of manipulation of the result in favor of Maduro.


Maduro had few challengers. Major political opponents of the left-wing president are in prison, have fled or are not allowed to exercise political office. Moreover, the opposition coalition MUD is boycotting the elections because it fears fraud by the Maduro government.

The US is considering economic sanctions against Venezuela in the field of oil. On Monday, the election results and possible sanctions will be discussed during a meeting of the G20 in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

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