Published On: Tue, Mar 20th, 2018

US military plane violates Venezuelan airspace – Venezuelan Defense Minister

FOLCARACAS - A US military plane violated on Saturday the airspace of Venezuela near the archipelago of Los Monjes, country's Defense Minister Padrino Lopez said.

"On Saturday, a Boeing C17 plane of the US Air Force, which took off from the Hato base on the Curacao island and violated the [Venezuelan] airspace over the territorial waters near the Los Monjes archipelago, was revealed," Lopez said on Monday, as quoted by the Noticias24 media outlet. The minister called on the United States to respect the international air law.

The US-Venezuelan relations have been remaining tense for decades with Caracas regularly accusing Washington of interfering in its internal affairs.

In September, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza said after Donald Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly that the US president basically used UN platform to declare a war on Caracas. The minister then promised to take countermeasures. Arreazaalso told reporters that Venezuela is open for dialogue with the US government but also is ready to respond to any hostile actions.

Photo: U.S. FOL Base in Curaçao (archive)

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