Published On: Wed, Oct 16th, 2013

Will there be a coup in Venezuela?

Maduro_CabelloCARACAS - On September 25, Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro and an entourage of more than 120 people waited in Vancouver (Canada) for a military aircraft that would take them to New York for Maduro’s intervention at the UN General Assembly. They came from a journey of five days in China. But Venezuelan President suddenly decided to return to Caracas where he hoped to resolve "important matters".

According to Roger Noriega, former U.S. Ambassador to Caracas, Maduro feared a coup in his absence, especially with statements of Diosdado Cabello, the president of the National Assembly. He said; "Maduro will go to China, come back and find the country without a coup".

Analyst Marianella Salazar says in her blog "For the consciousness": "You feel it in the atmosphere, in the markets, in queues to grab a cart or pay in a supermarket ... in any means of mass transportation, everyone talks about the same thing: of incompetence, chaos, the disaster of the economy, inflation, the collapse of the country. People's belief is that this situation is unsustainable and cannot continue as is, that something is about to happen and is imminent. "

Maduro could present his "resignation" in a "concerted" way with the military, arguing his Colombian nationality. So far the president has not submitted the birth registration to quell rumors that he was born in Cucuta or Bogota. His mother is Colombian.

"The country is broken, there is not enough money to buy the essentials, this is looking more and more into the misery suffered by Cubans," Salazar affirms. A week ago, the president of the National Institute of Statistics, Elias Eljuri, had to admit that the minimum wage is not enough to cover the cost of basic goods.

Signals such as the militarization of the Bicentennial supply network across the country indicate that the government is prepared for what lies ahead. Therefore, Nicolas Maduro, who knows what's going on in the hive of the Armed Forces, flies in the Cubana aircraft. He fears that the Venezuelan military will leave him lying on either side. In airplanes with Cuban flag and crew he has the assurance that he will return to Venezuela because that is in the interest of Fidel and Raul Castro.

Roger Noriega said "his grip on power is so fragile that he cannot afford to neglect his own home. Maduro's original sin is that he has no legitimacy in the eyes of the Venezuelans of all political spectrums."

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