Published On: Mon, Dec 10th, 2018

10 must-dive destinations for 2019

WILLEMSTAD - That's Right... Curacao made the Forbes Top 10 List (and here we thought it was going to be a slow news day!)

Its one thing to know and appreciate the wonders we have available on our beautiful Caribbean island, both above and below the waterline, but IMG_8259to be recognized by Forbes on their “10 Must-Dive Destinations for 2019” is quite an honor especially amongst other World Class Diving Destinations such as Fiji, Easter Island and Yap to name a few!

Here is what Breanna Wilson, Contributor at Travel had to say about Curaçao:

"Even those of you out there that just aren’t that into scuba diving (mountain people, gasp!), even you can’t deny just how beautiful this tiny Caribbean island’s water is. Yes, even you, mountain person, will want to take a dip in this idyllic bathwater. Which is exactly why it’s no surprise why this tiny Dutch island has made this year’s list... Because when the water is so clear that it actually looks like boats are levitating mid-air, you’re onto a place that’s pretty surreal both over and underwater. So, for the people who are into diving, you can only imagine just how exciting it is to get below the surface and see what else awaits in these magical blue waters."

East-PointForbes is a leading source for reliable news and updated analysis on Travel.  The Company was founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes that produces numerous online and print publications. Forbes is popular for its periodic publications consisting of a variety of topics such as the richest businessmen, most influential individuals, and best companies to work for.  But if you can get your destination talked about by Forbes, well, you should have lots of extra benefits coming from the exposure.  Thank you, Forbes!!

Curaçao’s healthy coral reefs are attracting all kinds of marine life visitors, and hopefully more human visitors now, too.  So, when deciding to come to Curaçao, please do not limit your experience to either the East or the West.  Discover all of Curaçao and the incredible magic that lies just below the waterline, to uncover a World Class diving and vacation destination where conservation truly meets your next Caribbean adventure!

Don’t wait, Dive into Winter and take the plunge into our warm turquoise waters, but be prepared for your senses to be overwhelmed by a 360-degree kaleidoscope of intense color and abundant life!

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