Published On: Thu, Jun 11th, 2015

4D at ‘The Cinemas’: ‘See, Hear, Smell and Feel It’

Curaçao, trendsetter for the region…

TheCinemas-MX4D_01WILLEMSTAD- Starting June 11th, 2015 ‘The Cinemas Curaçao’ will be the first in Central America to offer 4D seats. These seats will give the visitors a sensational experience for all their senses. The movie will be seen in 2D or 3D while no less than fifteen spectacular effects will be felt through; wind, water, smell, light, movement and touch. Most of these effects come from the chair, but some also from the front of the theater, through the walls and out of the ceiling. Going to the movies will never be the same. 'Jurassic World' will be ‘The Cinemas’ first 4D movie.

Previously only in the biggest theme parks:

Some may have experienced 4D in theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Now, this attraction is also available in Curaçao. The Cinemas is pulling out all the stops to maximize the ‘movie experience’. The theater will feature 64 ultramodern 4D seats with an impressive new 'wall to wall' screen that is 1½ times larger than the current screen and a new projector which will provide more light to intensify the 3D visual effect even more.

15 breathtaking effects:

These very comfortable chairs are the ‘heart’ of the 4D experience. Each seat is an advanced entertainment center on its own, and is able to generate as much as 15 effects. Effects with water and wind are created by the ‘air blast’, ‘water blast ', and wind machine. Sensations will also be created by the ‘neck tickler’, ‘back poker’, ‘seat popper’, ‘rumbler’ and ‘leg tickler’. You’ll be able to ‘smell’ by a scent generator in the chair. The climate impacts like; wind, rain, snow and fog are self-induced while a bubble machine and strobe lights complete the incomparable experience.

Jurassic World: ‘See, Hear, Smell and Feel It’

‘The Cinemas’ is inaugurating its 4D theater with a tailor-made film: the new dino-epic of executive producer Steven Spielberg is a series of impressive spectacle scenes and will set a new standard in cinema experience certainly in 4D at ‘The Cinemas’. The ticket price will be slightly higher than the current 3D movies but the visitor will receive an unforgettable experience in return. In the near future ‘The Cinemas’ will be showing many 4D movies and even some 2D and 3D movies. A new cinema era has dawned.

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