Published On: Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

A diamond from ash that transcends death

imagesIn death all life forms end, their elements of which they are composed return to the air and to the earth, what is left are the memories and the grief which is the natural part of the healing process.

How we remember our loved ones depends on many factors surrounding us, it might be through leaving a small stone at the grave, or special inhumation, or leaving the human ash at home after cremation.

A Swiss company created a unique commemorative keepsake to say farewell to a loved one in a modern way with a memorial diamond made out of the carbon contained in human cremation ashes.

After cremation carbon is separated from human ashes and converted into graphite under extreme high pressure and temperature, a small diamond crystal seed is then added to this graphite ,and its left to grow atom by atom for several days ,after that the diamond is polished and ready to be delivered, the process is one for each individual but the color of the diamond may vary, depending on the boron content of the individual human ashes which is a kind of mineral found in food and environment and it helps to build strong bones, it can be white of dark blue.

One simple diamond costs around 4900$,some find it a pleasant satisfying feeling to have their loved ones put in something with so much life in it , and a great way for remembrance instead of throwing ashes and being part of a reef!

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