Published On: Thu, Sep 3rd, 2015

Andruw Jones honored by the 14th annual Creme de la Creme international Tournament Committee

AJ 5WILLEMSTAD - The Curacao Tra'i Seru Baseball Foundation will honor "The Kid from Curacao", Andruw Jones in the 14th annual Creme de la Creme International Tournament.

Andruw is an amazing baseball player. From 1998 to 2007, Andruw won 10 consecutive Golden Gloves. Andruw is one of the best of all time and will be honored as a Curacao National Treasure.

Teams from Curaçao Tee-Ball, Pre Minor, Minor and Little League will compete from SeptemberAJ 2 5, 2015 till September 27, 2015 during the local tournament. Teams from Aruba, Bonaire, Colombia and Venezuela, will compete from September 28, till October 4, 2015 at the greatest international Little League tournament event in youth baseball in the Caribbean.  The championship game will be played on Sunday, October 4, at the Post 6 Ballpark.

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