Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

Avalon University- Community services

Health fair-3 (1)WILLEMSTAD - As a medical university, they are committed to being involved in public health activities and providing community services to help serve the local community.  As future physicians, this further educates Avalon students in building communication skills, professionalism and leadership skills. Avalon University School of Medicine conducted a health fair this past Saturday March 11th at the Sambil Mall in Veeris, and it was one of the longest health fairs on the island that went on for eight hours continuously.

The health fair was conducted in association with the American MedicalHealth Fair-2 Student Association (AMSA) chapter of Avalon, student body, faculty and administration of Avalon University School of Medicine.

A few of the services Avalon students performed were screening the public for body mass index, blood glucose and blood pressure.  Also counseling was given for the public regarding healthy life style, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and how to change these modifiable risk factors.  More than 500 people were in attendance, and the community appreciated the enthusiasm, knowledge and services provided by Avalon University.

Health fair-1 (2)

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