Published On: Mon, Nov 12th, 2018

Banco del Orinoco employees held a successful team building day

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao is truly perfect for team building activities. That is why the employees of the Banco del Orinoco held their annual event to come together in a different setting and interact with each other.

The event took place last Saturday at Jeremi Beach in Bandabou, western side of the island. Here the employees were guided by Chehadi Eddine, owner of Confetti and Company Events, who was in charge of all the activities.

The employees interacted by building sand castles, kayaking and building a small floating platform. This platform had to hold 10 people for a minimum of 30 seconds. All these activities were aimed at showing the employees different ways of working together. Also they had to demonstrate leadership skills.

The employees and their manager, Mrs. Tamo Cohen can look back at a very successful event. This will prepare them to end the year with positivism and open the new year with a new resolution to become better team members.


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