Published On: Mon, Apr 30th, 2018

Bronze Curaçao’ at debut sports Sambo

Foto 2PORT OF SPAIN, WILLEMSTAD - On Saturday April 28th, 2018 Curaçao wrote history in Trinidad & Tobago, by participating at an International Sambo Event for the first time in history. The Curaçao athletes Jensley Rosalina and Robin Housen competed both in the 90kg class of Sports Sambo and they ended up with a shared 3rd place, before Trinidad & Tobago (silver) and gold medal winner Jamaica.

Curaçao never participated in a Sambo tournament before, as there is no sambo federation in Curaçao. The FIAS (the official world Sambo Federation) is currently promoting and developing Sambo in the Caribbean and the Trinidad & Tobago Sambo Federation takes theFoto 6 lead in it. The Trinidad & Tobago Sambo Federation' president Mr. Jason Fraser had spoken with Gideon Jonker multiple times about the development of Sambo in Curaçao. This resulted in an invitation by Mr. Jason Fraser to participate at an international Sambo tournament on April 28th, 2018, organized by Ruff 'n Tuff promotions in collaboration with FIAS.

Gideon Jonker was able to form a delegation of four people representing Curaçao at the International Sambo Tournament. The delegation existed out two athletes Jensley Rosalina and Robin Housen, coach Cesar Gonzalez and Gideon Jonker as Sambo Curaçao representative. The Curaçao delegation wrote history by participating at this tournament Foto 7and managed to bring 2 bronze medals back to Curaçao. "Hopefully this experience will result in a Sambo movement in Curaçao, including the incorporation of a national Sambo Federation recognized by the Curaçao Government & FDOK.", said Gideon Jonker.

Jensley Rosalina and Robin Housen also had to compete at the MMA event later that day, representing Curaçao as Team PRO-FIT Curaçao. The Sambo tournament took a lot of energy, but they both competed very well. Jensley Rosalina dominated his opponent Marc-Antoni Cumberbatch (TRI) and won by a unanimous decision, Robin Housen lost his match on points against Aaron Prince (TRI) who has a background as an Olympic & Commonwealth Boxer and proved to be more effective with his striking.

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