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Changing your hair color and makeup seasonally

make-up-lashesColors in nature change with the seasons, but should your hair color and makeup? Is there such a thing as seasonal chic for hair and skin? You betcha!

Keep up with the seasons and update your look with these fab tips for hair and makeup.

Fall: Warmth and Contrast

What better way to fight off nippy, blustery days than with color choices that reflect the warm hues of autumn?

Metallic plums, forest greens and shimmery coppers—the gorgeous colors that define fall—are your best bet. These shades can pop your eyes and make a dazzling impact on your haute look but don't think that you have to limit color to just eye shadow.[relatedarticles}

Try this for a dramatic look: metallic-tinted eyeliners. “You can wear them bold and bright or subtle and sexy,” says celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip for Physicians Formula, “and they have serious staying power.”

As summer starts to fade, so might your hair color, especially if you're blonde. Luckily, there's a cure for that. If your hair looks distressed and frizzy from months of summer heat and the drying effects of the local pool or ocean visits, then you might want to give it a little down-time recover. You don't have to revert to your natural color to do this, you can heal and highlight at the same time. In fact, you can make a drastic transition now that it is autumn.

“If you're not ready for a big change, start with breaking up your re-growth with balayage and glazing your ends to warm them up,” suggests the Roy Teeluck Salon in a blog post. “You can do a slight color change, or even throw in a low light for some more contrast.

The key is adding depth back to hair that was subject to even more lightening due to summer sun.” The key here is adding rather than subtracting. Darkening hair simply adds layers of color to the hair shaft while bleaching strips color out, resulting in dry hair.[relatedarticles}

Winter: Moisturized and Bold

Winter's dry air can bring on drier skin that can make you look blotchy and scaly. First and foremost, fight the rough and dry with moisturizing cosmetics that suit your skin type. Moisturize every day when you emerge from the shower, paying extra attention to knees, elbows, feet, and freshly-shaved legs.

But don't stop there. Go for powder that will even-out flakey winter skin. “It will not only set makeup, but it makes the surface of the skin appear smoother and even,” James Boehmer, Director of Global Artistry for NARS Cosmetics, told Vogue Australia.

For lips, send the winter blahs packing with a striking color. “I am a huge fan of the deep, dark cherry lip,” explains Boehmer. “(A) bold lip is classic and can look great during any season.” Other fashionable winter colors that you may want to paint your lips with include deep purples, browns, and pinks.

Another winter look you'll love: a bold smoky cat eye with eye shadows in sexy black, charcoals and grays. "It's universally flattering,” celebrity makeup artist Susie Jasper explains to Ladies' Home Journal. “That dark line along the upper lid makes every eye look good."[relatedarticles}

For hair, think a little darker. Fall and winter fashion usually takes a turn for darker colors, so consider allowing your hair to follow suit. A slightly darker tone when the sun's rays are weakest can appear very natural and complete your winter look. If you're one of those who doesn't use a tanning product, a slightly darker mane can really set off a porcelain skin tone, especially if you have blue or green eyes.

Spring: Muted and Minimal

Come spring, toss out those bold and daring winter colors and opt for natural, barely-there makeup with eye treatments that pop. It'll give your face a clean look with just enough sizzle.

Patricia Reynoso, beauty director at Ladies' Home Journal writes, “This year, the colors of spring are inspired by nature -- subtle browns, muted rose, soft peach, and whispery bronzes.” These colors mirror the hues of spring and offer the versatility of different finishes—matte, creamy, sheer—whatever suits your fancy. They also look great on everyone, regardless of complexion.

It's no surprise that spring is also the time to bump up the color in your mane. Ditch the winter dark, and go for a lighter shade that will lift your spirits and leave you glowing. It also makes for a smooth transition into the summer season.[relatedarticles}

"Blondes canask for a full head of highlights instead of just half to make a noticeable difference that still looks very natural," advises Chelsea Jaymes, a colorist at Los Angeles' Chop Chop Salon tells “Brunettes should ask for a few face framing highlights.”

Summer: Light and Sheer

When the heat is on, how do you manage makeup without being wilted by the sun? Skip anything that's apt to slip when you sweat, such as thick, cream-based foundations, and wear eye shadows that will give your face a lift instead.

"Bright, translucent eye shadows instantly perk up your face and are easier to maintain in the heat than a rich lipstick or vibrant blush," Dick Page, Shiseido artistic director, told Fitness Magazine.

It's summer - lighten up a bit and have a little fun experimenting with colors that you may have never dared to wear. Try a shimmery aquamarine or sea foam green. More of a girly girl? Test out undertones of sparkly periwinkle or fuchsia.

Summer may well be the time to experiment with your hair color. During the warm-weather season, color options abound. Highlights give your hair an all-over color boost that's great for the summer glow, but don't be afraid of bolder colors like deep reds.[relatedarticles}

Fall, winter, spring, summer, whatever season it may be, don't let the weather own your beauty. Keep it stylish and strut your fabulousness by keeping these tips at hand.

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