Published On: Mon, Oct 23rd, 2017

CMU doctor and students in Guatemala giving medical exams and treatments

22491516_10155882471080452_3777939456908814304_nGUATEMALA CITY, WILLEMSTAD - Currently there is one doctor and four students of the Caribbean Medical University (CMU) in Guatemala giving medical exams and treatments to people who can’t afford this. Dr. Ryan Jackson and his students are part of a group of doctors who are volunteering their time and skills to help these people in several areas in the Central American country of Guatemala.

Each year, Dr. Jackson takes some students from the CMU to be part of the group that travels to Guatemala. Last year they treated 750 patients. This year on one day only they saw 240 patients. Most of these patients have basic infections that can be easily treated. The problem is that they don’t have the financial resources to even get medical assistance.

Some of these patients have rare health problems such as heart disorders or malformations. There was even a case of severe arthritis.

“There was a little boy who was tongue-tied. This is where the tip of the tongue is connected to the bottom of the mouth. So it is really hard for the boy to talk,” said Dr. Jackson. The doctors took care of the little boy and know he will be able to talk.

“These are really poor people who don’t have access to doctors if we don’t come,” said Dr. Jackson in an interview with Curaçao Chronicle.

Dr. Jackson is one of four doctors in the group. The other doctors are from Chicago. There is also a dentist, four CMU students, a few nurses and interpreters.








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