Published On: Wed, Mar 20th, 2013

CNTM Episode 5 Recap – Caribbean’s Next Top Model 2013

e5ecbcba8a2813ba96b1cdf1e6db4531_XLPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago (CNTM) -- CNTM is halfway through the season and there is no holding back!

This week comfort levels were tested to an extreme. To begin, the model hopefuls were given the chance to find their center with the help of guest judge and yogi Rachel Guillen in preparation for the episode activities.  Later, Pedro Virgil introduced the girls to their first challenge – a track race up Lady Chancellor Hill to a photo shoot – where the contestants would have to line up for an impromptu photo shoot challenge featuring Blue Waters taken within five frames.  Although Lisa won the race, Pedro chose Treveen as the challenge winner for her zen-like poses.

Back at the model apartment, conflicts continued to brew between Athaliah and Lisa. In addition, Treveen took center stage again as rumors built on suspension of her body defects began to circulate.

At the final challenge Helen Pipins and guest photographer, Marvin Bartley, led the girls to bare their all in a nude photo shoot.  At deliberation, the judges went through the contestants final images to choose their "magnificent 7" and commented that overall, it was a strong week for the girls.  Stephany was chosen as the finalist with the best photo imagery and composition, but only seven could continue.  For the third time in a row, Kendra was left in the bottom two along with Susan.  Both were critiqued for a lack of consistency and for Kendra, her chances were up and she was sent home.

Next week, the girls get to pound the pavement during casting calls in Trinidad and Treveen's health becomes a real concern amidst more evidence of weight issues. The model mayhem continues! Stay tuned!

Encore episodes show on Saturday, check your local listings for more information. --

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