Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015

Creative Lab wants a different Gomezplein

gomezplein-Creative-Lab-CuraçaoWILLEMSTAD - Creative Lab Curaçao wants to restore the central square of monumental Punda in its grandeur and social function. Which the Gomezplein has lost in the last twenty years.

According to Gonneke van den Kieboom of Creative Labs, the Gomezplein is the model for emancipation. The namesake led Curaçao to autonomy; decisive moments in the history of the island, such as May 30, 1969 played out there.

The integration between black and white was visible on the Gomezplein, where later the black power movement got a face, the first Afro hairstyles appeared on the Gomezplein.

With crime and impoverishment of the town, where there is only attention to the retail stores, Creative Labs will provide for a turnaround. The organization needs 60 thousand guilders to do that. In doing so, the organization assumes a reverse idea: first the money, then the plans.

Via crowdfunding on, Creative Labs hopes to generate the necessary money. "All those people immediately form a community or movement. They are lovers of the city.

How the Gomezplein is going to look like is not yet clear. "This must be done on the basis of ideas that will be judged against a set of requirements that we have developed," says Van den Kieboom. Creative Labs promises that the square will soon again be the bustling heart of Punda. Retailers and city organizations have an extremely positive response, according to Van den Kieboom.

After the launch, the first € 1200 were in and 500 people have liked the Facebook page of the project. "Beyond Expectations", says Van den Kieboom.

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