Published On: Wed, May 30th, 2018

Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF) exists 10 years

CARF_10WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF) this month celebrates its tenth anniversary. CARF was founded on May 29, 2008 by local animal lovers who were already busy with catching stray animals for several years. During the past ten years, the foundation has grown into a professionally operating organization. CARF is also the oldest rescue organization in Curaçao that applies a no-kill policy.

"We are proud that thanks to the help of our volunteers and the support of our donors, we have taken care of thousands of animals over the years and have relocated them. It is a milestone", says Lisette van der Heijden, one of the permanent volunteers from CARF. "But of course we endeavor to ensure that our foundation is no longer needed and we can end our foundation. Unfortunately, ten years after our founding, we are still confronted daily with serious cases of neglect and maltreatment of dogs."

“Attention to stray animals’ problems, sterilization and education initiatives are still urgently needed in Curaçao."

Currently, CARF is responsible for the care of about 130 dogs. All dogs are sterilized or castrated and provided with a chip. Every day volunteers walk, train or play with the dogs. CARF uses a selective adoption procedure to prevent a dog from having to be reinstated later.

The past ten years animal care has been made possible by the financial support of animal lovers. Donations, collection proceeds, donors and sponsors have ensured that CARF has been able to save so many animals. "Collecting and caring for dogs for a decade is accompanied by a lot of money worries, we have had to take out a recording stop several times because we did not have any available resources, and of course all support is welcome and needed, and we can always use new volunteers," says Van der Heijden. .

Both monetary donations to MCB account 21199501 and donations of items in honor of the 10th anniversary of CARF are welcome. At the moment CARF benefits greatly from Purina ProPlan Puppy (available from Claus Clinic), second hand towels and sheets, and cleaning products including chlorine, trash bags and paper kitchen rolls. Donations can be issued at the Claus Clinic at Anasaweg 7, THEA Gifts & More at Cas Coraweg 39A or contact can be made via

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