Published On: Fri, Aug 9th, 2013

Curacao Chronicle’s first anniversary

ChronicleWILLEMSTAD – Today marks the first anniversary of the Curacao Chronicle. It all started on August 9, 2012 when the website was officially launched. It took a year of preparations before the website was completely finished and ready to be launched.

The idea started with one reporter who worked for a local newspaper in Papiamento. This reporter had a conversation, a few years earlier, with a representative of the United Nations Decolonization Committee, Dr. Carlyle Corbin. Corbin told this reporter that one of the issues Curacao has, which also makes it hard for the Decolonization Committee to help the island, is that no one knows what is going on in Curacao. All the news and media reports are in either Papiamento or Dutch. The other island nations in the Caribbean speak mostly English.

The idea for Curacao Chronicle was born out of that conversation. Now, local news and media reports are shared with the rest of the world in an international language. English is not the local language of Curacao therefore the articles are not in perfect English, but the reporters who work for Chronicle do their best to report the most important news for the rest of the world to know what is going on in Curacao.

Since its beginning, Curacao has become part of history. This source of information became essential during the so called “coup” orchestrated by the former Prime Minister, Gerrit Schotte. Curacao Chronicle published an article “There is no coup in Curacao” which was quoted by major news sites in the region. Reporters from Curacao Chronicle were interviewed and they had the opportunity to inform about what was really happening on the island.

Now, a year later and almost 3000 articles published, Curacao Chronicle is here to stay. The staff would like to thank Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) and Curacao Technology Exchange (CTEX) for their support and they hope to receive more support from companies who can benefit from local news in English.

A special thanks to all our readers. Thank you for supporting us.

Curacao Chronicle

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