Published On: Tue, Feb 9th, 2016

Curaçao’s Carnival: It’s all about colors

CarnivalWILLEMSTAD - 25 groups presented beautiful colors during the Sunday parade of the Curaçao Carnival celebrations. According to all those we spoke to the parade was simple, but beautiful. “Our carnival represents our daily life, it’s very colorful. This is a colorful island. From our city center to all of us,” said one of the spectators.

The parade was very colorful and the audience enjoyed it to the fullest. For the participants, it was hot and tiring, but they did not show this at all. They jumped, danced and presented their costumes like true carnival lovers.

On all three ABC islands the feast was celebrated.

The police also indicated that the events were reasonably quiet. They have a zero tolerance policy, but only had to act 17 times since Friday.

Most arrests were for public drunkenness and brawling.

During the Gran Marcha on Sunday seven people were arrested. Mainly because of drinking and fighting. Several motorists did not have their vehicle documents in order.

The end of the carnival period is coming to an end with the traditional burning of Rei Momo (King Momo) tonight at 12 o’clock.

Thanks to Ramsay Soemanta for the amazing pictures. Visit our Facebook page for more of his pictures.

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