Published On: Fri, Apr 28th, 2017

Curaçao’s recipients with Governor Lucille George-Wout 31 royal decorations for Dutch Caribbean

LintjesTHE HAGUE - A total of 31 persons in the Dutch Caribbean received a royal decoration on Wednesday: three in St. Maarten, ten in Curaçao, thirteen in Aruba and five in Bonaire. There were no royal decorations in St. Eustatius or Saba this year. In the Netherlands 2,781 persons were decorated on the occasion of the King’s birthday.

Decorated as a Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau in St. Maarten were Taekwondo Grand Master K. “Theo” Liu, Elmora Pantophlet-Aventurin of the Youth Affairs Department and board member of the Windward Islands Emergency Medical Services (WIEMS) retired teacher J.M. “Ans” Rijnboutt.

In Curaçao five men and five women received medals. Three persons were awarded the Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau: Ivo A.J. van Dooren, Ine C. Dwarkasing and Allan D. van der Ree. Decorated; as a Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau were Roxienne M. Albertina, Marjorie L. Barry-James, Vinod D. Daswani, Louise P. Henriquez-Villareal, ir. Jacobus “Co” Kleijn, Cesar M.C. Palacios and Ruthlyn E.C.N. Sintiago-Zimmerman.

Mr. R. “Rossy” Marchena was decorated Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau in Aruba; Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau medals were bestowed upon: Erin J. Croes, C.M. Croes, H.A. “Patan” Farro, Gregory R.F. Goedgedrag, Mr. Ivy M.M. Hernandez-Swaen, Robert H. Jeandor, N. Koolman-Werleman, John Freddy Montoya, J. Paesschen, M.B. Tromp, W.C. “Willy” Willems and P.A. Wilson. In total eight men and five women received royal s in Aruba.

In Bonaire, the honour went to three men and two women: A.S. Nicolaas-Mercera, S.H. Pop, A.I. Sint Jago, G.P. Thodé and R.B.J. Wilsoe were all decorated as Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

In Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten, the royal decorations were pinned on by the Governors, and in Bonaire by the Island Governor.

In the entire Kingdom a total of 2,815 royal decorations were awarded of which 11 persons in the Order of the Netherlands Lion and 2,804 persons in the Order of Orange-Nassau. The Royal Decorations Committee received 3,174 proposals this year, of which 359 were declined; more men than women received royal decorations – 64.4 per cent versus 35.6 per cent.

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