Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

December Fashion Trends

For this December and for most holidays you want to be at your best, glamorous, special and attractive; in order to de-la-renta-rs16-1835 (1)feel this way you need to have the touch and the style for it, I will try here to guide you throughout  the latest trends for the upcoming month for bags, shoes ,dresses, make up and accessories.

So let’s get started!

I am positive that each one of you will be looking for THE dress that fits your body curves perfectly, it has to be one of a kind, and when you are in love with your body you will definitely find the right outfit, for me I look up at 3 steady colors that are considered classics, the gold, the pearl and the black, I always admire the dentelle and silk chiffon for evening outings, it can be maxi or to the knee, check this out from De La Renta and the black one from Supertrash(by Vogue), if you decide for a pants and a silk chemise to be a bit different I choose a dark violet pants and a black silky chemise, high heels preferably dark silver to black.

chanelVampMy favorite colors for this upcoming month are Mocha and dark brown, violet, vamp red and of course the king black, so it’s totally up to you to mix and match according to your tone and hair and eyes color, you might want a simple evening outfit, and that is ok but then I suggest you add a lot of accessories and make up, and do not forget the bag!

55,500$ is the price of the new Louis Vuitton bag! Wow yes that is so true, thelouis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-crocodile-mat-fashion-show-selection--N92427_PM2_Front view bag is made out of crocodile skin and it’s really a piece of art! Nevertheless we don’t want to go that far for a bag, so we can check out Chanel and Michael Kors new collection of bags online.

Certainly you need elegant chic shoes to match the bag, if you are a bit outside the ordinary and you want a different type of shoes,I suggest you go for spring colors like beige, rose, green ,fuchsia, I can see a combination of beige pants or skirt and a green shirt that matches the shoes and maybe a fuchsia bag from MK.

vamp (1)And don’t forget the nails and make up, I like the glittery nail polish for evening, but if you want it mat for December you can go for the dark brown and red vamp from Chanel, it’s also the same trend for the makeup, I go for the smokey eyes and dark eye shadow.

Now before going out we certainly need to freshen up, I use the shower gel and cream rice milk from rituals, it freshen me up for the whole evening.

And we must not forget the last touch of perfume, check out the Chanel 5 and hypnotic poison from CD, these are sucree or sweet full of vanilla and wood, and long lasting, unless you care for flower scent then I suggest you go for the Estee Lauder and Gucci

My advice for you is to go with the trend, and wear what makes you feel good about yourself and comfortable in your walk and in the way you sit ,and always take into consideration your skin tone, do some Prova in front of the  mirror and I’m sure you will end up satisfied.


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