Published On: Mon, Jun 9th, 2014

Flow community volunteer team to work together with Curacao Baseball City Foundation

ContractCBCFWILLEMSTAD - Curacao Baseball City Foundation (CBCF) and Columbus Communications Curacao NV (FLOW) signed a community partnering agreement. The CBCFprovides a well organized Baseball program on the island of Curacao, in affiliation with RBI league Inc., a major league baseball corporation.

The foundation wants to encourage the youth to develop themselves through sport and education. The values honesty, loyalty, confidence, teamwork, self-respect, courage, reverence, self-control and sportsmanship are key elements that are brought across to the youth of Curacao. Chairon Isenia, a former player at Tampa Bay Rays (1996 – 2006) from CBCF says; “We developed this program together with the international baseball players and the MLB to make sure the children are physically and morally better prepared to contribute constructively to the community. We want to establish a foundation for the youth by providing them with the right education, sport mentality and standards to succeed in their community and in Baseball. We are very pleased to confirm the cooperation with Flow Curacao in order to reach and maintain these pre-set goals!”

The CBCF aims to provide supervised, well organized, competitive baseball. A well-developed baseball field is required for teaching baseball classes, organizing professional clinics and hosting their RBI League tournament in August and to serve as a training facility. The community volunteer team of Flow Curacao is giving a hand in developing the field by providing funds, materials, voluntary work and by working together with other Flow community partners and ambassadors.

Flow in Monrepos (1 of 1)-10Flow has a unique approach in giving back to the community. “In our effort  to provide a better future and a sustainable community to live in, we continue to provide materials, voluntary work and assistance through the various relationships we have developed with our partners on the island. We hope to inspire the community to join forces and bring out the best. ” According to Lina Nijman, marketing manager at Flow Curacao. “Together with other community partners, like StichtingUniek Curacao, we aim to develop the baseball field as soon as possible so it can be used for sport educational purposes.”

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