Published On: Wed, Jan 13th, 2016

From the Facebook page Humans of Willemstad

Humans of Willemstad''We haven't been able to travel a lot the last couple of years, so we were just searching on the internet for some nice places to go and we found a special of JetBlue to come to Curacao.''

''We've never even heard about it before. We're from Massachusetts, so it's not an island you hear about on a regular basis. But we love it here!''

''I was just saying to him that we should move here! The people are so friendly. And everyone is willing to help.''

''Yeah, it's a bit challenging to drive here, because there are no visible traffic signs. But when we ask for directions, people will just tell us: 'follow me! I'll bring you there'.''

''Even at the airport. We've never experienced such kindness before! Like when we finish eating at a restaurant. People will not rush over to get your plates or give you the receipt. You can relax and just talk to each other. That's so refreshing from what we are used to.''

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