Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2012

Government and Refinery must take measures to prevent more oil spill

WILLEMSTAD - Minister Liesbeth Spies (Kingdom Relations) has answered parliamentary questions asked by Ineke van Gent (GroenLinks) and Wassila Hachchi (D66) to her ministry and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Ghent and Hachchi want more clarity about the oil pollution at Bull Bay and Jan Cook.

The members want to know if it is true that a week has passed since the oil has leaked and operator Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PdVSA, the Isla) only took action when environmental organization Clean Environment Foundation in Curaçao (Smoc) rang the bells. Spies, answers that demissionary Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte carried out an investigation into the course of events. Then Spies says that PdVSA said in a press statement that the process of discovery of the incident on 18 August was immediately halted and that the port inspection was informed. In addition, the Minister says that the port inspection has conducted an inspection at Bullenbaai the next day and PdVSA took further actions afterwards.

Spies may not respond or provide clarity on whether the oil spill was caused by PdVSA. "I cannot judge that. The investigation started by Prime Minister of Curacao could be able to give more clarity on this matter. "Finally, the members asked whether the ministers share the view that it is enough eith PdVSA. Spies replied that the Government of Curaçao must provide leadership in the context of the oil spill because it is an autonomous country within the Kingdom. "It is also for government of Curacao and PdVSA to take appropriate measures to ensure that future incidents are prevented," said Spies.

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