Published On: Mon, Sep 15th, 2014

How to Fake Work-Out Results

Terracotta Jambes de GazellesIn a perfect world, we’d exercise on a daily basis with lots of energy.

Let’s be honest, we all slack now and then.

There is a method to fake the gym-results with little to no effort.


Well, Guerlain has a magical product, carrying the name ‘Jambes de Gazelle’.

This product has several benefits:

-          Prolongs a tan; enriched with Tan Booster

-          Prepares and accelerates natural tanning resulting for days

-          Doesn’t streak

-          Imitates long toned legs

Aside from prepping the skin to a luscious tan, this product also contains sweet orange extract, refreshing your legs and leaves these relaxed. Induced with Tiare flower, leaving you with a glowing sweet scented skin.

Hurry to The Yellow House and try Guerlain’s Jambes de Gazelle, you’ll be ecstatic by the results!

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