Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2013

National clean up day -September 21: Curacao Clean Up

SchakelWILLEMSTAD – Radio DJ Maarten Schakel of Dolphin FM and Cindy Eversten have joined to clean up the litter on the island of Curaçao. “Look around you, you see litter lying around," says Schakel. "We want to make this project a big deal and make a big difference for our island.”

The purpose of Curaçao Clean Up is to make the island clean and create consciousness in people. "We live together on this beautiful island and we should handle it well," said Schakel. The promoters expect the cleanup to be a great success and thousands of volunteers will lend a helping hand. “We want this initiative to repeat annually. That sounds a bit ironic, but unfortunately we must also take the reality into account.”

A notable participant is Selikor. "We would prefer that after  September 21, we could discuss more solutions to this problem. Selikor must think more broadly because there are a lot of dump sites on the island. We want to brainstorm together about good solutions for these dump sites.”

Twenty different locations will be taken care of on September 21. Schakel and Evertsen are looking for volunteers who want to contribute. More information can be found on the website and Facebook page about the project.

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